The owners usually have their own motivation to be well insured. Insurance is what protects them from liability, secures their assets, safeguards their staff and shelters them when the ‘inevitable’ happens. Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc on the Midwest over the last several years and insurance has been what has allowed businesses to recover from the damage.

Storm-based insurance claims are always an inconvenience. Even if the insurance company covers the majority of the loss, there is a deductible. There is always a possibility of loss of productive work or income. In the “best” case scenario, claims are merely a distraction. When a claim is mishandled, though, the hard costs can be significant. The soft costs can be immeasurable.

Ferguson’s Commercial Division wants you to focus on what is important – running your business. We specialize in handling storm loss insurance claims. This includes an assessment of the entire building envelope. This process will help determine if opening a claim is appropriate. If so, the assessment will shape the full scope of the claim. After a valid claim has been determined, a collaboration with the insurance adjustor begins. The relationship is strengthened with our thorough understanding of the insurance process, including how to define, scope and document the work in a format the insurance company uses. Our process assists that the claim is paid out properly and fairly.

Our knowledge and experience of the claim process will level the playing field during the claims negotiation process.

The job of our Commercial Team is to get your building made whole with minimal interruption to your business. Let us help protect what you hold valuable! Contact us today regarding your insurance claim and let our knowledge work for you.

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