Gutter Protection in the Fall

Well, this is kind of embarrassing – your gutters are clogged again. That means it’s time to get the ladder out so you can scrape out all the gunk. But what would you say if we told you this was all avoidable? That’s right, there is a way to stop your gutters from clogging. With the windy season right around the corner, here’s how to protect your gutters during fall.

Common Clogs

Ferguson Roofing knows that gutter system failure is the main reason why gutters stop working. Here are just a few common clogs you’ll find yourself having to clear without gutter protection:

  • Leaves – the high-priority suspect when water no longer flows through your gutters
  • Plants – falling debris creates a form of soil that helps “helicopter seeds” grow
  • Animals – nests or beds make solid dams, especially when made near the downspouts
  • Sporting Gear – tennis balls or baseballs cause a lot of damage if left unremoved

Gutter Protection Importance

All of the clogs listed above have one common theme – they fit inside of your home’s gutters. While they are purposefully left open to collect water, they are also susceptible to anything else that falls from the sky. This is where gutter guards come into play. With openings that only allow water inside, they will make life a whole lot easier. While it may look simple enough to do on your own, make sure to prioritize safety over convenience. Ferguson Roofing has trained professionals to get the job done for you.

Options for You

Ferguson Roofing offers three gutter protection options for your home:

  1. EZ-Lock Gutter Guard – Lock these powder coated steel screens directly into your gutters to avoid falling debris. Don’t even think about rust or corrosion from the rain, as these come powder-coated. When it’s time for cleaning the gutters, simply brush or hose the screens down to remove any debris.
  1. Eco-Guard – Our Diamond Syphon Technology will help maximize the amount of drainage throughout your system. Let the wind do most of the work for you when sticks or leaves get stuck up top as the wave feature and angle work their magic. There are even more holes per square inch than typically found.
  1. Leaf Relief – Made for those who want to avoid clogs for as long as possible, Ply Gem’s Leaf Relief comes with a 10-year manufacturer “no clog” warranty. This particular gutter protection option can resist damage from animals while maintaining an impressive level of curb appeal – as it’s hard to spot from the ground. 

Chat With Us Today

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