How Replacing Windows Can Control Your Home’s Climate

After a full day of yard work, you just can’t wait to get inside your home. That’s when you step inside and realize it’s still too hot. You check your AC, but it’s working. What else could it be? You might want to check your windows as they may be underperforming. Why is that? Keep reading to learn how replacing windows can control your home’s climate.

Managing Your Comfortability

We’ve previously talked about the benefits of new window installation in your home and comfort was a top priority. Take insulation concerns, for example. Window technology keeps improving.

Comparing Now and Then

What was “state of the art” five or ten years ago just can’t compare to the benefits of what is available now. In recent years, window technology has advanced. This means that older homes come with outdated windows that don’t perform nearly as well as they do now. Increasing construction costs have also made their impact on the quality of windows that were installed.

Selecting the Right Glass

Missouri’s Division of Energy recommends three types of glass for residential use in order for you to have the highest performing windows. This includes: heat-absorbing glass, reflective glass, and Low-E glass. Heat-absorbing glass is tinted in order to absorb any energy coming from sunlight. Reflective glass is able to bounce sunlight away from your home year round. While these are accepted solutions, our choice is the Low-E glass.

We recommend you consider a double-paned window replacement built with a reinforced sash and made with low emissivity (Low E) and argon gas. Low E is a transparent coating of metal oxide that keeps out UV-rays. Low-E glass’s coating also has the ability to reduce radiant heat transfer with a small amount of reflection for those UV-rays. Argon gas in between the panels increases the window’s insulating power, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Considering the Long-Term Benefits

It’s important to have control over your home’s climate in every season. While you can purchase blinds or shades in order to beat the heat, replacing underperforming windows is much more effective. Contemporary windows also help to eliminate drafts and prevent both hot and cold spots. When the colder weather comes, you’ll be glad you made a smart investment.

If you’re not sure window replacement is the next step you should take, call Ferguson Roofing at (314) 521-6917 to have the windows throughout your home evaluated. If you’d prefer not to replace all of your windows at once, we can put a program together that allows you to start in the areas of the house that are most important.