Protect Your Home with Reliable Gutter Guard Systems

Maintaining a clean and functional gutter system is a year-round endeavor. Ferguson Roofing presents a comprehensive guide on year-round gutter protection, featuring top-notch solutions and essential tips to keep your home secure and free from debris.

1. Exploring Gutter Protection Options:

Gutter system failure often results from clogged gutters, necessitating frequent cleaning. Ferguson Roofing offers three stellar gutter protection options for your home:

EZ-Lock Gutter Guard: A basic yet effective option with steel screens that securely lock into your gutters. Powder-coated for rust prevention, these screens are easy to install and maintain.
Eco-Guard: Engineered with Diamond Syphon Technology and increased holes per square inch for optimal rain flow. Its wave feature and top angle facilitate natural debris removal, making it a productive and high-quality choice.
Leaf Relief: Ply Gem’s premium gutter protection system with a 10-year “no-clog” warranty. Allowing free water flow while wind sweeps away debris, it’s secure, nearly invisible, and resilient to damage from animals.

2. Year-Round Gutter Protection Tips:

Ensure your gutters are well-maintained throughout the year with these essential tips:

Unclog Regularly: Similar to a kitchen sink, clogged gutters impede proper drainage. Regular unclogging prevents water damage and extends the life of your gutters.

Install Gutter Protection: Consider top-of-the-line options like EZ-Lock Gutter Guard, Eco-Guard, or Leaf Relief to minimize or eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.

Add a Drip Edge: Install a metal flashing drip edge to redirect dripping water into gutters, preventing roof damage and other issues.
Monitor Structural Integrity: Regularly inspect gutters and siding for cracks, leaks, and watermarks. Close inspection ensures your gutters function effectively, contributing to their extended lifespan.
Consider Additional Downspouts: Ensure sufficient downspouts to prevent water backup and divert it effectively. Puddles near the foundation, soil erosion, or water in the basement are signs of inadequate drainage.

3. Leave it to the Experts:

Taking care of your home can be challenging, especially with safety concerns. Ferguson Roofing offers a free multi-point home inspection and assessment. Call today to discuss how you can enhance your home’s exterior and gutter system.

Secure your gutters and safeguard your home year-round with Ferguson Roofing’s expert advice and top-notch gutter protection solutions. Don’t let debris accumulation compromise your home’s integrity – invest in year-round protection for peace of mind.