Fix Your Gutters Now: Prevent Roof Leaks!

Drip. Drip. Drip. You’ve been hearing this noise for the last hour, but scrambling around the house has not aided you in locating the source. It’s not coming from the sinks, the bathtub, or even the faucet outside. What could possibly be causing this maddening dripping sound? Check your roof and gutters to answer that question. Failing gutters can certainly cause a leaky roof. Here’s how:

The Gutters Are Clogged

While the weather outside is less than enjoyable for breaking out a ladder to unclog the gutters, this is an important chore to complete. Their purpose is to redirect water from a roof to the ground via downspouts. If they cannot do their job, then water will pool on the roof when it rains and eventually become heavy enough to leak through.

An Ice Dam Has Formed

Clogged gutters will also lead to the formation of ice dams when it’s below freezing outside. St. Louis is known for snowing one day and reaching record-high temperatures the next. This means that the snow on your roof will melt and flow down into your frozen gutters. The weight of the ice alone can damage your roof at the eaves and prevent the gutters from working as they should in the future.

You Did It Yourself

“Do It Yourself” projects have become increasingly more popular throughout the last few years. While installing your own gutters may not seem too difficult to handle, it is more precise than you may realize. Professional installers understand how to properly secure and pitch the gutters so that water consistently flows to their downspouts.

The Gutters Are Too Small

Depending on where a person lives, some homes may receive more water than an average-sized gutter can handle. Shallow and narrow ones will tend to overflow, while deeper and wider gutters will work harder and more effectively.

There Are Not Enough Downspouts

Leaks in the roof can also occur if there are not enough downspouts on a home. Their main job is to drain the gutters, so having one for the entire house will not be enough. This is especially true during heavy rainfall that lasts for longer periods of time. Consider reevaluating how your current system operates and add more downspouts as needed.

The Shingles Are Too Short

There’s a possibility that a leaky roof is the shingles’ fault as well. A proper shingle overhang sheds water away from the roof. When that particular section of the shingles are too short, it cannot function properly. Check closely to determine if the water is even making it to the gutters in the first place.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it’s always better to leave it up to the experts, rather than risking further damage to your home (or to yourself!). If you have concerns about your current gutter system, Ferguson Roofing offers a free multi-point home inspection and assessment. Call today to discuss how you can improve your home’s exterior.