Fall Home Improvement Guide

As fall arrives, it brings with it the perfect opportunity to undertake crucial home improvement projects before the harsh winter weather sets in. Ferguson Roofing & Exteriors is here to guide you through the top priorities to ensure your home is ready for the changing seasons.

Seal, Repair, and Upgrade Windows:

Address increased energy bills by checking for air leaks around windows.
Seal leaks with caulking; consider upgrading to new windows for a fresh look and improved efficiency.

Deck Maintenance and Protection:

Evaluate the condition of your deck after the summer months. Prepare decks for winter by fixing rotted wood, unstable railings, and compromised structural elements.
Use Dec-Tec for a waterproof, slip-resistant, and textured application to protect against water damage.

Power Wash and Assess Siding:

Power wash siding to reveal structural issues; consider vinyl or LP SmartSide for replacements.
Pro Tip: It’s best to replace siding before winter to prevent moisture-related issues
Address cracked, loose, or missing pieces promptly to safeguard against wind and temperature fluctuations.
Address cracks in bricks and mortar to prevent water damage and ensure a stable foundation.

Clean and Guard Gutters:

Recognize common clogs, including leaves, plants, animals, and sporting gear.
Highlight the importance of gutter guards in preventing debris accumulation and water blockages.
Prevent gutter clogs by choosing between constant cleaning or installing gutter protection.
Pro Tip: Ferguson Roofing offers three gutter protection options: EZ-Lock Gutter Guard, Eco-Guard, and Leaf Relief. Learn more about gutter protection options at {URL}

Inspect Roof Condition:

Carefully inspect and prioritize the replacement of cracked or missing shingles.
Repair roof damage to prevent winter leaks
Asphalt shingles can be patched, repaired, or replaced; consult Ferguson Roofing for recommendations.
Evaluate the overall condition of your roof and consider a new roof if shingles and overall condition is beyond repair
When considering a new roof, explore options such as shingles, metal, flat, or low-slope roofs based on your preferences and needs.

Contact Ferguson Roofing:

Prepare your home for fall and winter with Ferguson Roofing & Exteriors’ comprehensive guide. From sealing windows to protecting gutters, our expert advice ensures your home remains comfortable, efficient, and visually appealing throughout the seasons. Contact us today for a free estimate and professional assistance in your home improvement endeavor, call (314) 521-6917 in Missouri or (618) 212-1912 in Illinois.