Stay Safe: Shield Your Property from Storm Damage

Storm damage is as unpredictable as is it misfortunate. Your house is in perfect condition one moment and then a catastrophe strikes. Whether its hail, wind, or falling trees – you’re left with a mess to clean up. Let Ferguson Roofing assist you before anything even happens. Read on for 5 effective ways to prevent storm damage.

Inspect the Roof Occasionally

Can you see your roof from the yard? If you can see an issue now, it will certainly be an issue the next time wind or hail makes an appearance.  For a majority of homeowners, roof damage is a major investment after a storm. While we want to help you fix your roof, we don’t want to see you struggle to afford it. That’s why Ferguson Roofing can recommend preventative maintenance or do minor repairs. This keeps your roof in the best possible condition before inclement weather.

Cut Back Trees

When it comes to preventing storm damage, one of the easiest things to do on the outside of your home is to trim your trees. Cutting back limbs from your property will prevent potential damage to your home or even to yourself. Tree branches can become weak over time and break off in high winds or ice.

Face Drainage Problems Early

While you’re outside cutting those dying branches and taking your patio furniture inside, check your gutters as well. With storm damage prevention in mind, you’ll want to deal with drainage problems sooner rather than later. A broken gutter or a clogged one will have a negative impact on your property during those heavy rains.

Purchase a Generator

Damage to a home also includes power failure. Think of all the items you own that rely on power. When the AC goes out you may have to sweat it out for the storm, but downed sump pumps lead to a flooded basement. There are two different types of generators available for home use including portable and standby. According to The Family Handyman, “Smaller, portable generators are great for powering the essentials, like the refrigerator and microwave, while large standby generators can power everything in your house.”

Insurance Coverage

Will insurance cover storm damage? Unfortunately many people are unaware that most insurance companies require claims to be filed within six months to one year of the storm date. It can also be difficult to tell whether or not you have storm damage. And what warrants a claim? Ferguson Roofing has the right resources and 80 years of experience to identify what is storm damage versus normal wear and tear. We won’t let you open a claim unless it’s necessary.

Remember, damage to your home is fixable. Roofing, siding, gutters, windows, soffit and fascia, and masonry work are a few of the services Ferguson Roofing can help you with in the case of storm damage. Call today to schedule your free home visit and see first-hand the solutions we can offer.