Vinyl Siding Over Brick Exteriors

Whether you’re purchasing a home with a brick exterior or your current residence has one, you’ve found yourself wondering if it can be altered. Brick is sturdy but not always aesthetically pleasing. Can it be covered with vinyl siding to upgrade your home’s curbside appeal? Here are a few questions and answers from the professionals at Ferguson Roofing.  

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Before we get into the possibility of coving your brick wall, let’s examine a few of the reasons why you should upgrade to vinyl siding in the first place. 1) On average, 32% of all new home constructions have it – meaning it’s a popular option to potential homebuyers. 2) Brick and mortar is costly and wood requires more maintenance. 3) There are options available that will save you energy and lower your utility bills. 

But Can Vinyl Siding Cover Brick Walls?

The application of vinyl siding is possible on most surfaces that are smooth and level, so the answer is yes. However, your home’s existing brick exterior will require a bit of a makeover, known as sheathing. Essentially, you are creating a new, smooth surface over your old, uneven wall.

How Does Sheathing Work?

In order to prepare your brick wall for the siding, it will need to be sheathed with a flat material such as plywood or foam. You’ll also need furring strips, which can be secured to the brick wall via caulk, a drill, and masonry screws. Once the strips have been properly installed, the sheath can be attached. The vinyl siding is then applied to the sheath.

Uneven Surfaces Cause Issues

This process is necessary as uneven surfaces below the siding can cause buckling, bending, or even rippling. Without a watertight connection, moisture can easily get trapped between the brick wall and the vinyl. Heavy winds might even be able to get underneath the gaps and pull the siding from your home.

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