Exterior Wind Damage Solutions: Safeguard Your Home

When a storm hits, one of the most common concerns for damage comes from wind. Wind can quickly reach high speeds and pick up anything from roofing shingles to TV antennas. It’s crucial that you keep an eye out for signs of damage. How can you tell that your home is suffering from wind damage? Here are 5 signs wind damage has affected your home.

Damaged Shingles

Being your first line of overhead defense, your roof is highly susceptible to wind damage. Typically, the shingles are the first sign of damage. Do you notice any missing or out of place? As we’ve mentioned in Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced, turbulent weather like rain, hail, and ice can also cause unrepairable damage and premature aging. It’s important that you get these checked to avoid other issues like water damage.

Water Damage

Missing shingles can lead to water damage as water can easily find its way to openings and leak through. If you’re hearing dripping water, especially when it’s raining outside, then you should inspect the noise. Yellow or brown stains can be identified as water damage. You may even need to get into the attic to find all of the potential damage.

Damaged Gutters

Your roof isn’t the only thing that can become damaged by the wind. Your gutters as susceptible, too. Inspect yours to make sure all of its components are still attached and not pulled loose from the fascia board. Also, take a deeper look into the gutters to make sure they’re unclogged. Wind also brings debris that can get stuck and prevent your downspouts from working properly.

Falling Debris

Is your home located directly below a large tree? This creates an obvious risk of damage that wind can bring through falling debris. The worst-case scenario is a falling tree, but even the best-case scenario of falling branches can be dangerous for your home. Not only do they clog or damage gutters, but they can also puncture your roof.

Damaged Siding

That flying debris can also damage your home’s siding. Holes, cracks, and missing siding are sure signs of wind damage. The main job of siding is to secure your home from conditions like the wind, so broken pieces need to be replaced.

Wind damage can be a continuous cycle of frustration if it’s not handled in a timely fashion. Luckily, Ferguson Roofing offers free home visits to give you quotes on your damaged home. Call today to see first-hand the solutions we can offer.