Winning Strategies: Dominate Your Roofing Insurance Claim

No one wants to have to find out that their residential or commercial roof is damaged. Should you find that your roof is in need of repairs, you more than likely are wondering which steps you need to take to rectify the situation. If you find yourself in this unenviable position, don’t worry – just follow these handy steps to properly file your roofing insurance claim!

Find Out What Your Insurance Covers

Before you do anything else, check out your insurance policy or call up your provider to find out what types of damage are covered. Not all insurance policies are the same. For instance, your coverage might be dependent on the roof’s age, or some plans will only cover the damaged portions of your roof. Read through your policy careful and jot down any relevant details (like specific types of damage covered) before taking your next step.

Assess and Document Your Roof Damage

If you’re able, safely make your way onto the roof to assess the damage it sustained. (If you can’t, a local roofing company can do the job for you.) Take plenty of notes, pictures, and videos of all the damage you find; you’ll need them to help you fill out a detailed report for the insurance company. Don’t forget to include the date the damage took place and any interior damage that might have occurred as a result. If you have any photos of what your roof looked like before, be sure to include them in your report as well!

Hire a Local, Trustworthy Roofing Company

Vet and select a local roofing company like Ferguson Roofing to come out and take a look at your roof. They will give it a thorough inspection and can provide you with a written estimate of the cost for repairing or replacing your roof. This will be vital when it comes to filing your insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Now you’ll want to officially file your claim with your insurance company. With your agent’s assistance, you can fill out all the necessary paperwork to begin the claim process. Remember to include all the relevant details and document all the estimates, bills, and receipts you receive. If the damage to your roof is so extensive that you will need to live elsewhere until repairs are made, be sure to include this cost as well. File your claim as soon as possible to ensure your claim can be accepted and processed!

Have Your Roof Repaired or Replaced

Once your roofing insurance claim has been processed and approved, you can hire your local roofing company to take care of your roof. Remember to choose a licensed, reputable company to repair all the damages. This way, your investment will be protected for years to come.

Trust Ferguson Roofing

Filing a roof claim can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Call on Ferguson Roofing to not only repair your roof but also protect your home’s interior while your claim gets processed. We also offer a temporary repair program that will help keep you dry. We can repair damaged roofs, siding, windows, gutters, soffit and fascia, and more. Call us today at (314) 521-6917 to learn more or get started!