Prepare Yourself For Spring with Home Improvement Projects

It’s official – the sun is shining for an extra hour thanks to an adjustment of our clocks. What should you do with that additional daylight? While cutting the grass and maintaining gardens will soon become priorities, this upcoming spring season presents an opportunity for home improvement projects. Here are 5 projects to start with:

Install New Windows

When spring is in the air, there’s nothing better than opening your windows to let the breeze blow through the house. However, it’s possible that not all of them are able to open like they used to. Consider replacing those outdated panes! Installing new windows will also do away with drafts, hot spots, and sun exposure. Don’t forget about the money you will save when it comes to utility costs.

Upgrade the Deck

Water damage, wood rot, and dwindling color can all result from a combination of nasty weather and a lack of maintenance. You may have not noticed these taking place while you were cozied up inside, but you will after your first time back on the deck. What can you do now? Consider upgrading your deck with Dec-Tec – a waterproof solution that prevents cracks and mold.

Replace Worn Siding

Being in the Midwest, there’s a chance that your home’s siding has encountered freeze and thaw damage. As the temperature shifts, vinyl siding is especially susceptible to expanding and contracting. Too much stress will cause it to crack. Once this happens, it’s time to either replace the vinyl or make a change to LP Smartside. Known for its sturdiness and impermeability, this siding option is less likely to break under harsh weather conditions.

Clean the Gutters

As the snow begins to disappear, we are welcomed with anything from a light drizzle to full-blown storms. Take advantage of a drier day to grab a ladder, scoop, and bucket to remove all of the previous months’ debris from your gutters. The longer you wait, the more likely damage will occur to your entire gutter system and require a complete replacement.

Ventilate the Attic

Ventilation is key to a durable and energy-efficient home. Give your attic a new set of lungs to breathe this spring through ridge, turbine, power, or static vents. Without them, rising heat will build up and become trapped in the attic. There is also a need for insulation (keeps the heat out of the home) and soffit intakes (keep the cool inside of the home) to allow for proper ventilation.

Call Ferguson Roofing

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