3 Key Summertime Home Services

After a long winter and what felt like a shorter spring than normal, summer has finally arrived! If you missed your chance to make home improvements during the slightly cooler months of March through May, now’s your chance to make up for lost time. Make sure to get started sooner rather than later – all of that work is going to become even harder as the temperature outside rises. Luckily for you, Ferguson Roofing offers 3 key services you should consider utilizing in the summertime.

Siding Replacement

The siding on your home has multiple roles:

  • Protecting your home by keeping out water, mold, and pests
  • Improving energy efficiency by keeping in the cold air
  • Offering spectacular curbside appeal by coming in a variety of different colors

If your siding is cracked or dented, then it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Winds from summer storms can be brutal and are capable of ripping off loose pieces of siding. Ferguson Roofing highly recommends choosing from vinyl siding and LP SmartSide. Vinyl siding is a top siding option in the U.S. and is cost effective. LP SmartSide, a time-tested alternative to fiber cement, is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Masonry Restoration

Our team at Ferguson Roofing is also equipped with the expertise for all your masonry needs. Need to restore your home’s character or ensure that the chimney stays upright? The following solutions may best fit your needs:

  • Crack repairs – Neglecting damaged brick can ultimately lead to the collapse of an entire structure, so make sure to check for cracks regularly. How do cracks form? Either from an excessive amount of built-up pressure between stones and mortar or absorbed water that repeatedly froze and melted throughout the winter.
  • Tuckpointing – A technique that fills any gaps between brick and mortar with additional mortar that matches the original color of the structure. Replacing missing or algae-ridden mortar is especially critical.
  • Brick replacement – Aging bricks need to be replaced over time. This process restores the strength of your brickwork and prevents future structural issues from occurring.
  • Waterproofing and sealing – If water leaks through your stonework, it may suffer from damages such as cracks, mold, and water infiltration. By putting a sealant over existing stone, it will become waterproof and add years of life to your structure.

Roof Replacement and Repairs

Have you noticed significant damages to your roof? Ferguson Roofing also has you covered for roof replacement. There are three common types of roofs that we worked with each year – shingle, metal, and flat roofs.

  • Shingle Roofs – This type of roofing option needs to be replaced when shingles are curled or cupped on their edges, cracked, or even missing entirely. We offer several different shingle types including 3-tab roofing shingles, architectural shingles, specialty shingles, and green solutions.
  • Metal Roofs – A combination of age and nasty weather will eventually cause issues like a failure at the seams or dents. We offer standing seam, corrugated metal panels, and metal shingles as our metal roofing options.
  • Flat Roofs – Our three options for flat roofs include modified bitumen for flat, low-slope roofs and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or EPDM as a single-ply roofing system.

If you’ve only identified minor damages to your roof, repairs can be made instead of replacement. Common jobs include replacing a valley, fixing wind-damaged shingles, replacing plumbing flashings, and redoing chimney and wall flashings.

Contact us today to schedule your free home visit and see first-hand the superior service you can expect now and for years to come.