Top 5 Home Improvement Projects This Fall

Fall is finally here, which means enjoying brisk days in the sun before the cold winter rain and snow arrive. As you look out your window at the changing leaves, it’s hard not to resist going outdoors. While you’re outside enjoying the weather this fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to tackle home improvement projects. Here is our top 5 list of home improvement projects to complete this season.

Repair Your Roof

If left unchecked, damage to your roof can cause severe leaking problems in the winter and spring. Prevent this by repairing your roof during the fall, as it is essential to get this done before the wind, rain, and snow of winter. Common roof repairs include replacing valleys, wind-damaged shingles, plumbing flashings, wall flashings, adding ventilation, and fixing leaking skylights. No matter what kind of roof repair you need, the crew at Ferguson Roofing can help!

Assess Your Gutters

While beautiful, the falling leaves in Autumn can be a major nuisance to our gutter systems. Avoid leaking gutters and water damage to your home by taking the time this fall to assess your gutters for imperfections. Clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons why water stops being properly directed to your downspouts. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix! If your gutters are easily clogged, consider using a gutter protection system to minimize or eliminate the need to clean your gutters. Gutter protection will allow water to flow freely while wind sweeps the debris away. You’ll also want to ensure that your gutters are properly secured and large enough to handle the amount of precipitation in your region.

Repair or Replace Your Bricks & Mortar

Over the years, leaks, thermal expansion, and freeze and thaw cycles can cause your brick and surrounding mortar to crack. That’s why you should always aim to keep your masonry in top condition, especially in the fall. Freezing weather in the winter can negatively influence bulging bricks, corner cracks, brick compaction, and mortar deterioration. This can lead to extensive water damage that ultimately leads to structural insecurities that put your home at risk. If you notice cracks or crumbling bricks and mortar, make sure to contact a professional as soon as possible to fix it—especially if it’s related to an unstable foundation!

Prepare Your Deck for Winter

Before winter comes, it’s important to make sure your decks and balconies are prepared for the rain and snow. That’s why fall is the perfect time to take note of any rotted wood, unstable railings, loose or cracked floorboards, or compromised joists and beams on your deck. If you find any of these issues present, you’ll want to address them immediately. When it comes to ensuring the safety and longevity of your deck, you won’t want to hesitate to make the necessary upgrades to keep your home safe.

Materials such as Dec-Tec can be the perfect addition to existing decks to help keep them in great condition throughout winter. Not only does it waterproof your deck, but it is also slip-resistant and textured. So, it won’t crack, peel, or wear away and can last for decades. Say goodbye to mold, mildew, cracking surfaces, and annual maintenance on your wood deck!

Replace Your Siding

Fall is the perfect time to consider replacing your wooden siding before moisture from the cold, winter weather damages it. If left alone, you run the risk of dry rot or dry and cracked siding come spring. This will not only be a hassle to repair, but it can also decrease your home’s curb appeal and property value in the meantime. A more durable siding option, such as vinyl or lp smartside, might be the perfect solution. These types of siding are easy to install, cost-effective, and moisture-resistant. So, you can rest easy knowing your siding is intact all year long!

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