Ferguson Roofing How To: Cleaning Your Gutters

When you get home, it’s one of the first things you see – there are little trees growing out of your gutters. You’ve been putting it off for months, but the last time it rained you realized you could wait no longer. Luckily, you’re not alone. Ferguson Roofing has several amazing tips on how to clean your gutters. Where do you start? Read on to find out.

Recommended Items

  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Scoop
  • Trash Bag/Disposal Buckets
  • Hose with High-Pressure Nozzle

1. Let It Dry

Here’s a tip that you might not have heard before. Wait for your clogged gutters to dry out before getting in too deep. Once you have smelled the overwhelming stench that is a wet clog, you’ll agree with us on this one.

2. Purchase or Borrow Supplies

If you’re a new homeowner, there may be a few things you still haven’t invested in – like a ladder. Well, now’s the time to either go to the store or knock on your neighbor’s door. More experienced owners will already have a majority of the resources needed. Take everything outside and get ready to make your climb.

3. Phone a Friend

Not so fast! Before you climb up the rungs, give a friend a call to help you out. Using a ladder by yourself can be incredibly dangerous if you’re not a professional. Have an extra person around to “foot” the ladder or even to pick up the ladder if it falls.

PRO TIP: Properly secure your ladder with a bungee cord at the gutter. Remember Christmas Vacation? Don’t be a Clark Griswold.

4. Observe Downspouts

Start by the downspouts and assess what needs to be cleaned the most. There’s a good chance that if you waited too long, they will be completely clogged. Use your gloves or scoop to remove any nearby debris, placing it all into your trash bag or disposal bucket. You should start to hear some dirt falling through the downspout as you clear the area.

5. Continue Down the Line

Move your ladder down the line as you continue to clean out your gutters. While you’re up there, keep an eye out for any cracks or other signs of damage. Clogged gutters can cause improper drainage, which leads to fascia damage, ice dams in the winter, and leaks at the eaves. It’s also possible that your gutters are not deep or wide enough to handle the amount of rain your home receives, causing them to overflow. These are things to consider as the rainy months come and go.

6. Break Out the Hose

Now that a majority of the blockage has been removed, grab a hose with a high-pressure nozzle to finish the job. Start away from the downspouts this time to give the water an opportunity to run throughout the gutters. The water should now run down the downspouts without any problem. If not, you may have to look closer at them for a deeper clean.

7. Purchase Gutter Protection

Don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with cleaning your gutters? Avoid all the hassle by buying and installing gutter protection. Ferguson Roofing offers three options for your home:

  • EZ-Lock Gutter Guard
  • ECO Guard
  • Leaf Relief

8. Contact Ferguson Roofing

Contact us today for an analysis of your current system and to see what gutter protection option will work best for your home. Call now or e-mail us at for your free estimate.