Gutter system failure is often the result of clogged gutters. To limit or eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, Ferguson Roofing offers three gutter protection options for your home.

Residential Home Gutter Guard

EZ-Lock Gutter Guard

Our basic option, the EZ-Lock system, consists of steel screens that lock securely into your gutters. Each screen is powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. They come in four foot sections, allowing for easy installation or removal. Depending on the debris in your area, the only necessary maintenance is to occasionally brush off the top of the screens.


Eco Guard

Eco-Guard protection is expertly engineered to effectively block and remove debris. Diamond Syphon Technology and more holes per square inch mean maximum rain flow into the gutter. The wave feature and angle of the top allow wind uplift to aid in natural debris removal. These guards are a productive, high-quality option.

Residential Home Gutter Protection Ecoguard

Leaf Relief

Our premium gutter protection system is Ply Gem’s Leaf Relief. Leaf Relief carries a 10-year manufacturer “no clog” warranty and is one of the most effective systems on the market. It allows water to flow freely through the gutters while wind sweeps the debris away. It mounts securely in your gutters, is barely visible from the ground and resists damage from squirrels and other animals.

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