Protect Your Home: Clean Gutters Now!

Backyard barbeques, swimming pools, and suntans – these are the things people want to be thinking about during the sweltering summer months, not cleaning their gutters. Homeowners can’t afford to ignore their home’s important water-shedding system, but how can they know when to clean them? Here are 5 signs you should be on the lookout for:

Falling Debris

Step outside and examine the environment around your home. Do you notice any large trees nearby or falling debris such as leaves, helicopter seeds, or pine needles? All it takes is a gust of wind to shake these “gutter cloggers” loose. Now is the perfect opportunity to check the inside of your gutters for overflow.

Gutter Overflow

If there are piles of debris forming in your yard, there’s a good chance your gutter has caught its fair share as well. Find a ladder to get a better view and check for anything interrupting their natural flow. This is the most obvious sign that your gutters need cleaning. Prevent this situation next time with a gutter protection system.

Downspout Blockage

If there is little to no water pouring out of your downspout while it’s raining outside, then there’s an issue. Typically, the opening at the top of the downspout is suffering from the gutter overflow mentioned previously. However, there is a chance of buildup throughout the downspout itself.

Foundation Damage

A more subtle sign than others, damage to the home’s foundation marks a failing gutter system. Clogged systems force water out from the top where it will then pour to the ground and seep into the foundation. This causes it to become weak and prone to further damage.

Leaky Basement

Further damage to the foundation will result in a leaky basement or even a flooded one. It all starts with a small crack in the concrete, which can expand over time without proper drainage. Enough pooling water can even cause a home to settle faster than normal. If you find a leak in your basement, make sure your gutters are cleaned.

When to Call Ferguson Roofing

If you have concerns about your current gutter system, Ferguson Roofing offers a free multi-point home inspection and assessment. We’ll start by checking to see what kind of shape your gutters are in currently, if they are properly pitched and secured, and if they are large enough. This will help us to give you an accurate quote on a repair or replacement.

To learn more, call us at (314) 521-6917 for Missouri or call (618) 212-1912 for Illinois.