When to Replace Your Soffit & Fascia

Your roofline protects your home, so keeping it well-maintained is essential. Fascia boards run vertically along the side of the overhang, and this is where the gutters attach. Soffit boards, on the other hand, cover the horizontal area under the roof overhang. While they both play functional and aesthetic roles, deterioration can happen over time. Here are 5 signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your soffit and fascia.

Cracking or Flaking Paint

While soffit and fascia add curb appeal to your home, they also help to prevent structural damage. It may be time for a replacement if you begin to notice the paint is cracking or flaking off. These issues, along with bubbles in the paint, can lead to water damage.

Water in the Roof Void

If water damage is left unnoticed, this can lead to health implications from rot or mold growth. Pull out your ladder and take a close look at your roofline to see if your soffit and fascia are letting water leak into the roof void. This could be an attic, loft, or crawl space.

Evidence of Pests

Having pests invade your home is both annoying and troublesome. Bugs can cause a major infestation, and rodents can damage not only the interior of your house but also the wiring. If you hear noises, see bite marks, or find nests or droppings in your attic, it could indicate a problem with your soffit and fascia.

Leaky and Wobbly Gutters

The fascia provides structural support for gutters, and if it becomes damaged, the gutters will not perform as expected. The gutters could leak water, start to sag, or even shake when there’s a slight wind. In this case, it’s best to buy new fascia boards before the gutter ends up falling off. As the soffit is underneath the gutter, new soffit boards may also be needed. Once the soffit and fascia are taken care of, consider adding gutter protection.

Questionable Ventilation

The main reason for installing soffit and fascia is to provide ventilation for your home. If you realize you have little to no ventilation making its way into your home, the soffit and fascia could be blocked or damaged. If they are damaged, replace them right away. Proper roof ventilation is essential, as it allows hot air to escape, providing excellent temperature and moisture control year-round.

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