Copper Guttering

Copper adds an extra touch of elegance to any home. Today, architects tend to incorporate copper in their designs to give buildings a more “modern” flair, but it has been used as a building material for thousands of years. One of the most noticeable ways to include copper in your home exterior project is guttering. Copper is low maintenance, durable and puncture resistant. It is ideal to use on areas that might otherwise be difficult to install metal since it can be bent more easily than other metals around curved perimeters.

Most importantly, unlike so many building products, copper is a sustainable material. Copper is virtually 100% recyclable! At Ferguson Roofing, we are devout recyclers – from old shingles at the job site to copier paper in the office, so this aspect of the product really appeals to us!

When considering materials for your home project, cost plays a major role. Copper has a higher initial cost, but with it’s durability and timeless appearance, you may not have to replace your gutters for 50 years…or longer!

Whenever you think of copper, you think of the green “stuff” that inevitably coats the metal when it’s exposed to the elements. When copper meets moisture or other particles in our atmosphere, an oxidation process begins. That produces a tarnish called a patina (a.k.a green “stuff”). This actually protects the copper from corrosion. Many feel that this complex process adds character to a building as the patina can change colors over the years ranging from pink to blue to green. However some would like to keep that natural copper finish. There are products on the market that can prevent the oxidation of your copper and allow it to remain as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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