When You Should Replace Your Siding?

Your home is made up of many crucial parts that keep the entire structure intact. If one of those parts is damaged, then you’ll need to consider your options for repair or replacement. This is especially true for your home’s siding. Like a roof, siding constantly faces the elements while you are safely protected on the inside. Here are several signs that will let you know when it’s time to replace the siding.

Storm Damage

Anyone who has experienced a powerful storm can understand how the three little pigs could have lost their homes to a large gust of wind. While houses are no longer piles of sticks or straw, the wind can pull your siding loose or even cause it to crack. What are you to do? Schedule a home visit with a professional to come take a look. It may seem like a DIY task, but there could be more damage hiding beneath the surface.


Speaking of sneaky deteriorations, rot is a telltale sign that your siding needs to be replaced. Let’s say that you’ve just removed the loose or cracked siding from the previously mentioned storm and this is what you’ve come to find. Rot eats away wood from the inside so there is not going to be much left to salvage.


A fresh, new coat of green paint can make the side any home look like new again. Don’t remember painting it green? Unfortunately, that paint may actually be mold. Time to get up close and personal to assess the situation. When mold is growing through the seams of the wall, it means that your current siding is failing to keep water out.

Fading Colors

Maybe your home was painted green when you first purchased it. Over the years, however, you’ve noticed that it’s gone from a forest green to a more laurel green. That’s because ultraviolet rays from the sun can fade the colors in objects. When you find yourself constantly repainting your siding, consider upgrading to a different option.

Increased Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills have shot up without prior notice? Don’t just check your windows for a draft, check the walls as well! Your siding might be letting all the cool air out. Certain types of siding are more energy efficient than others.

Vinyl and LP Smartside

That’s why Ferguson Roofing offers two siding options for your home: Vinyl and LP SmartSide. Each option has its benefits, which we’ve previously covered in Vinyl Siding vs. LP SmartSide: Which Lasts Longer? Now you can let our experts help you decide which is right for your home. For your free consultation, please contact us today in Missouri at (314) 521-6917 or in Illinois at (618) 212-1912.