Metal Roofing Installation: Trust Ferguson Roofing

When it comes to roofing, shingles are typically the most popular materials that people choose. 3-tab roofing, architectural, or specialty shingles will all get the job done, but there is a more durable option available – metal roofing. While the installation alone is an intimidating task for homeowners, Ferguson Roofing offers years of experience through our team of professional roofers. How do we do it? Continue reading to learn more.

Schedule a Free Home Visit

The first step to any kind of installation related to your property includes scheduling a free home visit. It’s crucial for our representatives to get a first-hand look. Right now, we will inspect and bid the necessary work and will leave samples at your door.

Learn More from Our Professionals

Through email and over the phone, our team will expand upon your bid. This will include information such as how metal roofs don’t hold heat for 8 hours like asphalt shingles or why your metal roof won’t actually attract lightning. We will also further explain our product recommendations.

Determine the Right Product

Each home requires the right product so your bid will include a recommendation with one of three metal roofing options including:

  • Standing Seam – Custom cut to fit your home, this type matches low or steep pitched roofs. It features a full, seamless, interlocking panel system with no exposed fasteners.
  • MasterRib® / Corrugated Metal Panels – Also custom cut for low or steep pitched roofs, this type features a full, seamless panel system that is screwed together with exposed fasteners.
  • Metal Shingles – Resembling an asphalt architectural shingle, this product is installed with sleek, hidden fasteners to avoid the formation of cracks and leaks. These come in CertainTeed Matterhorn, DECRA Shingle XD, DECRA Shake XD, and Gerard Granite Ridge.

Leave the Rest to Us

Installing a metal roof requires a lot of measuring and safety precautions – all while standing outside in scorching temperatures. Why try to do it on your own when Ferguson Roofing already has the quality products, experience, and knowledge? Contact us today to get started. For Missouri, call (314) 521-6917. For Illinois, call (618) 212-1912. We even have an option for you to join an online chat. Visit for more information.