Install Metal Roof Over Shingles

Let’s say that the interior of your home experienced a bit of a downpour when the snow on the roof finally melted. If you took a trip into your attic, then you already know that there was probably a leak. Depending on the amount of damage found, you can either repair the roof or replace it. If replacement is on the table, one popular option is metal roofing. You might see that this kind of project involves removing your current roof. Can you avoid that step and install a metal roof over shingles? The experts at Ferguson Roofing are here to explain why the answer is both yes and no.

Metal Roofing

A long lasting and highly durable type of roofing, metal roofing is a more “permanent” solution than other options like asphalt. It’s also able to resist the elements significantly better and is lighter overall in comparison. Speaking of its weight, it’s light enough to be installed over your existing roof that is covered in shingles. However, this could cause a few issues including:

  • A hidden deck
  • Difficulty finding the source of a new leak
  • The old roof continues to age

A Hidden Deck

Roofs are able to stand strong partially thanks to the decking the roof is secured to. Typically, this will mostly consist of plywood or 1x planks for homes. If you want to add a metal roof without removing the current roof, there is no way to inspect the roof decking for signs of delamination, cracking, or failure. As metal roofs are a long-term solution, it is advisable for the decking to be in the best condition as well to support that roof.

Difficulty Finding the Source of a New Leak

With the original roof under the new metal roof, this makes it more difficult to trace any potential future leaks. The old roof can move a leak showing up on the interior away from where it came through on the metal roof. Bottom line, there are more variables to sort through.

The Old Roof Continues to Age

While it’s slightly more expensive to fully replace your roof, there’s always a good reason for why it should happen. Age is one of them. Unfortunately, installing a new roof over an old roof doesn’t stop it from deteriorating over time. Ferguson Roofing recommends paying a little extra for a tear-off, which will provide your home with brand-new materials.

What is a Tear-Off?

A tear-off is the process of removing and hauling away all the old shingles and underlayment from your roof. This gives our professional roofers a chance to inspect everything from the deck to the flashings for damage. We’ll also be able to put down enhanced underlayments for proper waterproofing.

Make a Long-Term Investment Today

By having a metal roof installed through Ferguson Roofing, you can be assured that the materials we use are going to last a long time. Our options include standing seam, MasterRib®/corrugated metal panels, and even metal shingles. If you think that your mattress is a long-term investment, then what do you consider the roof over your head?

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