Choosing Between a Roofing Company & a Contractor

Damage can occur to your roof at any time – it’s just a fact of life. Why do we even have roofs? They’re the most essential part to a shelter, protecting you from getting hit with the weather and debris it constantly deals with. When it’s not able to function at its finest, you want the best to fix it. With all of the options out there, it can be tough to choose. Let us help you determine the best option: roofing companies or contractors.

What’s the Difference?

Roofing Companies

A roofing company is a business that employs several qualified roofers to work with residential and commercial roofs. One of their biggest pros is that, like Ferguson Roofing, they offer a wide variety of products. This includes an array of roofing styles, manufacturers, ventilation systems, and pricing options. Also, they have many different services like new roof installment, roof removal, shingle installment or replacement, storm damage repair, and tuckpointing and masonry.

Roofing Contractors

A roofing contractor is someone who owns their own business or is contracted out for work. The level of expertise, services, and prices are not always guaranteed to be the same. If you are looking for one or two jobs to be completed in a short amount of time, then working with one could be a cheap alternative. However, if more problems occur, their prices will add up over time.

Skip the Middle Man

Think of it like this – if you broke a bone, would you rather go to your primary care doctor or the emergency room? Both options are able to suit your needs, but one may have to transfer you to the other anyway. Why sit in the waiting room for one doctor when you can have a team of doctors at your side patching you up? Roofing companies have the personnel to do the same for your roof while contractors tend to work alone.

The Importance of a Warranty

Working with a roofing company also means that you’ll be offered a warranty to complement the investment made in a new roof. If something goes wrong, and it’s in the warranty, we’ll come back out to fix the problem at hand. Take Ferguson Roofing’s 15-year workmanship warranty on all of our full shingle roof installations, for example. Not many roofing contractors can match that type of deal.


As a roofing company, Ferguson Roofing can work with you on all of your financing needs. Unlike a contractor, this money doesn’t come straight out of our pockets. Choose from two options including no interest payments for six months or a fixed interest rate of 9.99% for 96 months.*

*Subject to qualifying credit approval.

What’s Your Next Step?

Don’t let roofing contractors confuse and upset you with their varying pricing and skillset. Trust in a roofing company that’s been around for 80 years like Ferguson Roofing, which has everything you need from the start. Contact us today by calling in Missouri (314) 521-6917 or Illinois (618) 212-1912.