Expert Residential Tuckpointing Services

Stonework has been around for centuries, made possible through masonry – the craft of building structures from individual units. Older homes tend to come with the stress of aging stone or brick. Luckily, our team at Ferguson Roofing is equipped with the expertise for all your tuckpointing and masonry needs. Whether restoring an older home’s character or making sure your chimney doesn’t fall down, our team works to ensure a solution to best fit your needs.

To learn more about how you can keep up with an aging home, check out the following services Ferguson Roofing provides:


Ferguson Roofing specializes in tuckpointing to keep your masonry in top condition. Angie’s List describes tuckpointing as “a technique used in masonry that involves filling gaps between mortar and brick on masonry chimney and walls by coordinating the color of the mortar to match the brick.” Essentially, it makes everything look uniform. Replacing missing or algae-ridden mortar is critical to your brickwork performance.

Crack Repairs

If there are cracks in your home’s mortar and stone, you may have to deal with larger issues if not properly repaired. Neglecting damaged brick could even ultimately lead to the collapse of an entire structure, like the chimney we previously mentioned. Most likely, these cracks came from:

  • Stonework absorbing water and freezing in the winter
  • Excessive pressure built up between stones and mortar

Ferguson Roofing patiently seals cracks for a seamless, fresh exterior look that will last for years to come while preventing future damage.

Waterproofing & Sealing

Water leaking through stone exterior work can quickly escalate to a large-scale repair. This could include cracks, mold, and water infiltration. Our team will help you find even the smallest leak sources, fix and seal them completely to avoid future damage to your home. Putting a sealant over existing stone can add years of life to your structure.

Brick Replacement

According to the National Association of Home Builders, homebuyers trust brick over vinyl and wood for its durability, sustainability, low maintenance, extreme weather resistance, and higher resale value. Overtime, however, aging bricks need to be replaced. And replacing bricks will restore the strength of the brickwork and prevent structural issues.

Call Ferguson Roofing to have the stone throughout your building evaluated for free. We can put a program together that allows you to start in the areas most important to you and your home. Contact us today for more information!