Year-Round Tuckpointing: Even During Winter

Bricks are without a doubt a beautiful aesthetic feature to any home or building, but they do need to be cared for and maintained throughout the years. Over time, the bricks and the mortar that hold them together will begin deteriorating. When this happens, it’s best to take action early and ask a trusted professional to provide tuckpointing services. But what about when the weather becomes cold and inclement? Let’s talk about tuckpointing during the winter months:

What is Tuckpointing?

If you aren’t already familiar with this term, tuckpointing is a service that is provided to repair deteriorating mortar between the bricks in a building. As bricks age and face the elements, the mortar will begin cracking and crumbling from the exposure. Left alone, this deterioration can eventually lead to the building’s exterior crumbling – and that is a much larger, more costly issue to fix.

Can Tuckpointing Be Done in the Winter?

Yes and no. The ideal time to have any type of exterior work on your home done is during the spring or fall months when the weather is more temperate (that is, anywhere between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s also best done when there’s no heavy precipitation the day before or many hours after installation. Sometimes, however, work needs to be completed so your bricks – and the home they shield – won’t be further damaged.

What If You Need Tuckpointing Services in the Winter?

Let’s say you notice obvious signs of cracking in the mortar and you need a professional to provide tuckpointing services. If that’s the case, we will often use a few handy additives, which will accelerate drying time and increase the heat that the mortar generates during the curing process.

Covering the work with a tarp will also help trap this heat (and keep the elements out of the mortar); this is much easier to do on smaller projects. We often elect to use external heaters to help shield the project from the harsh winter conditions. All of these steps are done to ensure that the job is done correctly so you won’t need more repairs down the line.

Be Proactive with Your Home

To avoid needing work in winter, you’ll want to keep a good eye on your home’s exterior. Take some time to make your rounds and look at the bricks. Do you notice any signs of cracking, crumbling, flaking, or even full-on missing mortar? If so, you’ll want to contact a professional, no matter what the weather!

Count on Ferguson Roofing

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