Why is Tuckpointing So Important?

Home improvement is much more than just a sitcom from the 1990s; it’s all about caring for one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life. While most people will think about installing new windows, repairing their roof, or even just cleaning the gutters, they should also consider tuckpointing. If you’re unaware of that term as of right now, then today’s your lucky day. Ferguson Roofing shares expert insight on why tuckpointing is important for homeowners below:

Tuckpointing Explained

The replacing of damaged mortar within brick, concrete, and stone (a.k.a. masonry) is called tuckpointing. This process makes a structure look like new and prevents it from eventually collapsing. The best mortar will last around 25 years if the weather conditions are kind enough to it over time.

What is the Purpose of Mortar?

What would mortar be without two blocks sandwiching it together? Pointless. Really, it would just be a hardened block of its own – being made up of a mixture of sand, water, and concrete. Its purpose is to connect two or more blocks together when wet and to then keep them secure to each other when dry.

Masonry’s Weak Spot

The space between masonry and mortar is known as a mortar joint – the weakest spot of a structure. Why? This is where excessive amounts of moisture, from rainwater falling from the sky or out of leaking gutters, can cause spalling. Masonry is also susceptible to algae, moss, and mold at the mortar joints. Be aware and keep a lookout for these signs.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

If you’ve noticed damages to your masonry but still are unsure that tuckpointing is necessary, check out the following benefits:

  • Repair cracks – In the winter, masonry can become vulnerable to absorbed water that freezes and thaws throughout the day. After many winters have come and gone, the pressure created from that process will create cracks.
  • Waterproofing and sealing – By filling in all the cracks and gaps, water is going to have a much more difficult time affecting your masonry. Think about how many years this could add to your chimney or other structure.
  • Get a closer inspection – When a trained roofer comes out to inspect your property, they may find something that you missed like a few bricks that need to be replaced.

Is It Too Late for Me?

If multiple blocks of brick, concrete, or stone start to come loose, consideration of tuckpointing becomes hindsight. The best thing to do at that point is to start looking into tear down and replacement.

Call Ferguson Roofing for Masonry Damages/Repair

Ferguson Roofing’s experienced mason can take care of crack repairs, brick replacement, tuckpointing, repointing, waterproofing, and sealing. Whether there’s an old chimney that needs a facelift or a brick wall that needs to be completely replaced, we’ll work to ensure a solution to best fit your needs.

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