Free Home Advice on Gutter Protection During Winter

There’s a reason why people ask you to get your mind out of the gutter. It’s because gutters can be dirty. They need to be cleaned and properly maintained to shed water away from your foundation and landscaping properly. Don’t think you’re off the hook this season. Continue reading below for free home advice on gutter protection during winter.

Unclog Often

Your gutters are like your kitchen sink. When there’s a clog, water cannot properly drain. All of that water has to go somewhere and improper drainage can lead to damage. In the winter, the backed-up water and debris will freeze. Even with proper gutter installation from the start, ice can critically damage your gutters and, ultimately, your home.

Install Gutter Protection

If you want to avoid cleaning your gutters (or limit how often), consider the following top-of-the-line options for gutter protection for your home offered here at Ferguson Roofing:

  • EZ-Lock Gutter Guard – This design includes powder coated steel screens that secure inside your gutters. Four-foot sections are included for effortless installation and removal.
  • Eco-Guard – This design is crafted for blocking and removing debris. The wave feature and angle of the top allow wind uplift to aid in natural debris removal.
  • Leaf Relief – This design lets water to flow freely through the gutters while wind sweeps the debris away. It is also barely visible from the ground.

Add a Drip Edge

A drip edge is a piece of metal flashing that aids in waterproofing by redirecting the “dripping” water into gutters. This is crucial to protect the roof decking at the gutter line and to minimize the risks of leaking through the soffit or exterior wall. Water freezing at the edge of your roof can cause ice dams which can stop the flow of snow melting and cause an even larger buildup of ice over time. Dripping water outside of your gutter can also form dangerous icicles.

Monitor Structural Damage

When it comes to structural damage, there are two key places to check first: gutters and siding. Check the gutters for cracks and leaks by taking a ladder to the side of the house. Getting up close and personal will make a huge difference for your gutters’ lifespan. Do a similar check on your home’s siding but also look for watermarks. Damage like this will tell you if your gutters are functioning properly at all times.

Consider Additional Downspouts

How many downspouts does your home currently support? If there are not enough or if those existing aren’t big enough, water can back up in your system and won’t effectively divert away. There should not be puddles forming near the foundation. In fact, the downspouts should be expelling water 10 feet downhill from the house. Soil erosion and finding water in your basement are signs that things need to change, too.

Call the Experts

Taking care of your home properly isn’t always easy, especially if there are safety or access issues. It’s always better to leave it up to the experts, rather than risking further damage to your home (or to yourself!). If you have concerns about your current gutter system, Ferguson Roofing offers a free multi-point home inspection and assessment. Call today to discuss how you can improve your home’s exterior.