Invest in a Durable Metal Roof Today

Besides looking nice and adding value to your home, metal roofs serve multiple beneficial purposes. They may be higher in cost, but they’re totally worth spending the extra money, especially since they can last as long as your house, if installed properly.

Here’s why: They can survive strong winds, seal out water from entering the home, and make snow melt and slide right off. Metal is known to be fire resistant, mildew-free, and impenetrable to insects. Metal roofs are also more energy efficient as they take on solar radiant heat that reflects off the metal. They are also friendly to the environment.

We know some people might be concerned about lightning and hail. Let us clarify: having a metal roof does not make your home Superman. If a large piece of hail hits your metal roof, it could dent just like it would if a golf ball hits your car. That’s where your homeowner’s insurance comes in.

People also assume that your metal roof will attract lightning because of all the electricity it conducts. That is false. Lightning has struck objects near metal roofs many times without hitting the actual roof. They are just as likely to be struck by lightning as any other kind of roof.

You might also hear that metal roofs are noisier. That is also false. Ferguson Roofing knows how to properly insulate the roof to make them even quieter than shingle roofs.

We can say many great things about metal roofs, but our personal favorite thing about them is that, depending on the material used, they contain about 25-95% recycled content, but are 100% recyclable. Isn’t that exciting? We’re excited just talking about it!

To sum it up:


  • Last as long as the house
  • Survive strong winds
  • Seal out water
  • Snow just melts and slides off the roof
  • Resistant to fire, mildew, and insects.
  • More energy efficient
  • Better for the environment: 100% recyclable!


There aren’t really any except initial cost.

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