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Angels’ Arms

How did we help?

Ferguson Roofing has had a supportive relationship with Angels’ Arms for a number of years now. As part of our 80 in 80 project, we reached out to them by providing construction services and put a new roof on a residential home remodel. It’s a great feeling helping to provide shelter to an organization who shelters those most in need.

What does Angels’ Arms Do?

Angels’ Arms is an organization dedicated to providing loving homes for foster children while ensuring that siblings stay together until they find their forever home. Angels’ Arms guides foster children with open arms, love, and acceptance into nurturing foster families. Here they begin to learn about how healthy family functions and how to participate as a family member. They share meals as a family, learn peaceful problem solving, and how to share with their siblings and peers.

Angels’ Arms promotes the development of healthy engagement in extracurricular activities, the self-discipline of homework, and how to contribute to family life through regular chores. This active support provides a foundation of love for the child’s future stability and healthy development on their way to achieve their highest potential.

Why did we choose to support Angels’ Arms?

Ferguson Roofing selected Angels’ Arms for 80 in 80 to continue our ongoing collaboration and support of this loving family foster services organization. We see how Angels’ Arms doesn’t just place needy children in a shelter – they connect them with families that show them care and love, and help them to experience a better life. We support organizations like Angels’ Arms because in turn we are supporting the development of future citizens to participate in a healthier and happier community.

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