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Brackets for Good

How did we help?

We awarded Brackets for Good as our first grant winner of our 80 in 80 campaign. Ferguson Roofing contributed as a first-round sponsor becoming one of the first companies to assist BFG with opening up in the St. Louis area and connecting to local companies and organizations.

What does Brackets for Good do?

Brackets for Good coordinates fundraising events across the country. This single-elimination, bracket-style tournament raises much-needed funds and awareness for a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations.

Locally, Brackets for Good in St. Louis uses the key strategies of education and skill training across generations to break the cycle of poverty. In order to meet that objective and create a sustainable workforce, BFG provides education and resources to help workers achieve long term employment.

BFG emphasizes the development of workplace skills, conflict resolution, effective communication, time management, and financial responsibility. BFG also provides job training, resume building, apprenticeships, and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

One of their future objectives is to create a wellness center in North St. Louis that functions as a place people can learn essential skills, integrate into local schools, and build new partnerships. In addition to education, a wellness center will be a place BFG can provide services to address trauma, mental health, legal challenges, and public health.

Why did we select to make Brackets for Good our first award for Ferguson Roofings 80 in 80 philanthropy project?

We recognize Brackets for Good for having an enormous potential to coordinate with a multitude of charitable organizations. We support their mission of promoting economic development and the empowerment of individuals to combat poverty with training and education.


Brace for Impact
2018 Brackets for Good Winner

A Note from the President of Ferguson Roofing:

I honestly cannot remember how Ferguson Roofing got connected to Brackets for Good (BFG). At the time, they may have been in five markets and St. Louis was being added to the list.  I do remember that I felt it was a tremendous organization that we wanted to grow with. We are proud to be the first “round sponsor” in St. Louis. Only Youthbridge was involved as the title sponsor before we got on board.

Brackets for Good logo Ferguson Roofing began to focus their philanthropic mission over the last few years. With so many charitable organizations out there, it is hard to pick one. Supporting BFG has allowed us to focus our efforts on one organization that in turn puts the spotlight on 64 other, diverse organizations. To top it off, they make giving fun and exciting.

Beyond providing a platform to receive money, BFG really teaches the participating non-profits how to fundraise. The technology they apply to feature the non-profits is very user-friendly. We have enjoyed our relationship with them over the last 3 years. And we look forward to the future, as we already have committed our partnership through 2020.

We are excited that BFG is the first recipient in our 80 in 80 campaign.

Do good!

-Jason Shupp, President

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