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Camp Jump Start

What did we do to help The Living Well Village and Camp Jump Start?

The St. Louis community nominated the Living Well Foundation to receive one of our 80 in 80 grants. The Living Well Foundation takes a whole health approach to camps that help children, adults, and families jump-start new ways of living a healthy life. In addition to the initial grant, Ferguson Roofing will continue to work with the Living Well Village as they upgrade their facilities and improve their camp buildings. We are helping them with fundraising goals, general contracting, sourcing of affordable materials, project management, and will help with installation and laborers to ensure quality and successful completion of the improvements. This will help them to serve more campers and provide the life-changing experience that transforms people’s lives.

What does The Living Well Foundation do?

The Living Well Foundation administrates the Living Well Village, the site of whole health camps for children, adults, and families. They have weekend camps for adults that include nutrition education and exercise planning. The camp incorporates activities such as body composition analysis and classes covering the emotional side of eating, cooking, menu planning, grocery shopping at local stores, and healthy ways to manage stress.

They have a family weekend camp called the Weekend Leap, which endeavors to help the entire family integrate healthy practices into the fabric of everyday living.

One of their most successful and popular programs is Camp Jump Start. This camp uses modern research and an evidence-based approach as the backbone of a summer-long camp for youth ages 9 through 18. Camp Jump Start has created a program that goes beyond a traditional summer camp by instilling confidence and the life skills required to affect long-term healthy changes in the lives of their campers.

Why did we choose to support The Living Well Foundation?

The health and lives of our family and friends are in jeopardy as we live in a time where the top three leading causes of death in our country are related to how we eat, exercise, and manage our stress. We take pride in backing an organization dedicated to helping people improve not just the length of their lives, but the quality and vitality of their lives as well.

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