Award Recipients

Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing supported the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis and their mission to empower all people impacted by cancer with a financial donation. These contributions are used to increase education and create a wellness community around those affected by cancer.

What does Cancer Support Community do?

In 1991, the Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis was known as The Wellness Community and opened their doors to cancer patients with the support of over 2,000 volunteers and the help of over 100 local businesses.

One of the Cancer Support Community’s core values is that no one should face cancer alone. They offer comprehensive professional services for their members, which include programs of social and emotional support as well as wellness education. These programs help patients cope with cancer and provide people affected by cancer with the support and tools they need. The Cancer Support Community endeavors to assist their members with programs that enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

The CSC of Greater St. Louis provides these programs and services at no charge for their members. They eliminate the financial barrier for anyone seeking support during their journey with cancer.

Why did we choose to support the Cancer Support Community?

Ferguson Roofing has multiple connections with board members of the CSC and is intensely aware of the powerful work they do in confronting such a pervasive and devastating disease in our community.

All of our lives, families, and workplaces have been impacted by cancer. Collaborating with and supporting others working through this amazing community of volunteers and professionals is another tremendous opportunity for Ferguson Roofing to have a positive impact through the 80 in 80 project.

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