Award Recipients

Diamonds in the Ruff

What did we do to help?

Diamonds in the Ruff has a mission to advocate for the voiceless animals who have been neglected, abused, and abandoned. We made a financial contribution to support their efforts in providing medical attention and a safe, loving, forever home for animals in need.

What does Diamonds in the Ruff do?

Diamonds in the Ruff provides medical treatment, rescue services, and pet therapy for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens that have been rejected by their owners or dumped on the side of the road. They rescue animals left at Animal Control or who have been abandoned.

They evaluate the mental and physical health of dogs and place them with proper fosters as a stepping stone along the path to finding a safe, loving, permanent home. They work with pure and mixed breeds of dogs and cats.

Diamonds in the Ruff also reaches out to like-minded animal lovers to volunteer, act as fosters, and to donate to the cause.

Why did we choose to support Diamonds in the Ruff?

According to The Humane Society, there are approximately 70 million stray animals living in the United States. Of those millions, approximately ten percent make it to one of the 3,500 shelters each year.

One of our Ferguson Roofing employees selected this organization, recognizing that humans aren’t the only ones in need of extra help and attention. Overlooked animals suffer on the sidelines with no advocate and no voice of their own. Diamonds in the Ruff has made it their duty to help the harmed and defend the defenseless.

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