Award Recipients

Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing has committed to multi-year financial support for the Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League to help them become established in our state as an emergent league of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).

What is the Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League all about?

The MICL became established in Missouri in 2018 with the vision to improve the lives of our state’s youth and their communities through safe, fun, fitness-based mountain bike programs. They work to develop teams and clubs in grades 6 through 12. The MICL provides access to training, education, and certification for coaches and volunteers in an effort to coordinate high-quality mountain biking races and events. They also help to secure insurance and the requirements for new teams and clubs across the state.

The MICL values healthy competition, inclusive participation, and physical, mental, and character development. They use cycling to promote a student’s well being and camaraderie, as well as ethical and positive sporting behavior.

Why did we choose to support the MICL?

Our board elected to support the MICL to promote health and wellness in Missouri youth. Ferguson Roofing sees the MICL as an opportunity to help one of the newest and fastest-growing sports for students in middle school through high school. Mountain biking offers aspiring athletes a new alternative to the standard sports established in previous generations.

We have seen firsthand the connection between the athlete and the outdoors, between teammates, competitors, and their families. Above all, we appreciate the value the league places on mountain biking as a healthy activity that outshines the importance of the race itself.

We endeavor to continue helping the League create connections with organizations willing to support their efforts. Bringing an NICA league to Missouri requires financial support, volunteers, and participation by new athletes, coaches, and families across the state. As this organization grows, Missouri will benefit with more high-quality races and events and healthier, happier participants along with their families. We are excited to help this awesome organization and this thrilling sport as it continues to expand into our state and grow in our nation.

For more information, click here: Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League