New to the Ferguson Family? Me Too!

When picturing an office environment of a roofing company, several mental images probably come to mind. My preconceptions included thoughts of a warehouse-type environment filled with tools, building materials, hard hats, sweaty guys in steel-toe boots and the smell of tar burning in your sinuses. Perhaps something along the lines of taking your car to the shop for a tune up; a male-dominant environment with lots of testosterone and the odor of hard work saturating the air. On my first day on the job, I learned that at Ferguson Roofing, this was wildly incorrect.

If you take a tour of the Ferguson Roofing office, the first thing that will strike you is that women primarily run the show.  The office is a tightly run ship with a highly-competent and professional staff. Each employee takes a sincere interest in the proficiency and expertise of the rest of the staff, and morale is consistently high. More importantly, everyone genuinely likes one other.

This 75 year old, family-owned business is run more like a large corporation than a mom and pop shop, yet it retains all of the intimacy of a small company.  The owners’ management style is progressive and innovative. Each team member feels a personal stake in the success of the company. The staff takes a lot of pride in their reputation for thoroughness, quality and skilled workmanship.

The best part of working at Ferguson Roofing is, undeniably, the fun-factor. This is a story unto itself, but to summarize, these people know how to get silly in the best possible way. Themed parties, lunch time barbeques and a contest for basically all occasions. There are plaques on the wall indicating the winner of limbo, bubble blowing and pumpkin carving contests, just to name a few. And my personal favorite: monthly girls’ nights, via door to door limousine escort. The Ferguson culture is fantastically entertaining and even periodically puts out its own soundtrack, affectionately dubbed The Sounds of Ferguson.

If you haven’t heard enough, the owners of the business are very involved in the local community – contributing generously to charitable causes and community improvement efforts. This aspect of the owners’ values speak volumes about the soul and character that is at the heart of the company.

There is always room for a light and comfortable atmosphere at Ferguson Roofing, but to be sure, the work always gets done and gets done well. The strength of the company’s stellar reputation is undoubtedly built from the inside out, and I feel honored to consider myself a part the “Ferguson Family”.

Gretchen Harper
Communications Specialist