Philanthropic Announcement

Ferguson Roofing has always been a philanthropic organization.  We have sponsored and advertised with many events/organizations/functions that have some charitable purpose or altruistic goal.  As we have grown and the third generation has settled in, the depth to our philanthropy has also grown – rather, it has become more focused.

In 2014, Ferguson Roofing is officially announcing our philanthropic mission.  Our focus is on First Responders!  This is a wide target by design.  We want the flexibility to assist our expansive network.  In the same breath, we want to not get off the tracks completely in how we dedicate our time, energy and money.  We feel we can do more with the cumulative momentum with one agenda.

We define first responders as our police, fire, EMS and military.  These are the groups of people who serve on the front-lines.  They are often in unpredictable environments and inevitably find themselves in harms way.  Not everyone can keep their wits about them in a chaotic environment while putting mission success in front of self preservation…and then wake up the next day and do it again.

This initiative has a special meaning to me.  In another life, I worked as an EMT-Intermediate in Colorado.  We worked closely with the Fire and Police Department.  Within your teams, there is a unique bond that develops.  The comfort and transparency that exists among the group is a must, as you often find yourself in tense situations at unfortunate times of the day or nite.  As it turns out, emergencies and crises are never convenient.  My experiences and training during those years helped shape me professionally.  I credit much of my leadership, talent management and general composure to my time with the EMS squad.

Be sure to stay tuned to our website and social media pages for updates!  We will still maintain some diversity in our charitable efforts as there are always local grassroots efforts we want to support. Going forward, though, First Responders are our First Focus. For more information on our commitment to the community and the First Responders, please visit the Community page on our website by clicking here.

First Responders, thank you for your service!

Jason Shupp
Ferguson Roofing